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Released in November 2nd, 2002 at BCN Party 10 (Barcelona, Spain)
Code and scripting
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merlucin and kolian maintained a conversation after the presentation of Hepilektic some time ago, during the FiberParty about how to improve the demo engine that they had built. There was a lot of work to do, and very few time. After the presentation of Spontz goes to Dixieland in the Euskal encounter, kolian came back to the code and they both started to work in this new demo. This was the first production buil over SDL. This library allowed us to abstract the code from the platform and this way we started to compile multiplatforms build of our productions.

As usual, the expectatives were too high and so the inexperience. This demo has lots of work but not so good results. Colors were too much saturated and the music too much driven by the tool used to compose it: Reason 1.0 for MacOS X

Anyway there are some effects that took a lo of work. One of them was the fire tunnel with the man falling and the other one was the rotating planets. The first one took a lot because the complexity of the tunnel, that was generated in realtime (the fire texture was static). The rotating planets helped a lot to debug the positioning and relative movement routines of the demo engine.

There is a third effect, the "kind of water" at the end, that also took too much effort. The approach to water was not correct. What we can see there is a simple grid of nodes simulating the water surface. We were not very happy with this simulation that also runs differently depending of the speed of the machine in which the demo is executed, but it did its job and never was reused (like the fire tunnel)

The comments about this demo, mainly on pouet, helped us a lot in order to continue with the next one: Reborn
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