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Spontz goes to Dixieland
Released in July 27th, 2002 at Euskal Party 10 (San Sebastian, Spain)
Code and scripting
3D models

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Spontz goed to Dixieland represents the first incursion in the OpenGL world for merlucin. Completely alone, without advice, he carefully designed a great demo that degenerated in this production. The music was composed using a Kawai Z-1000 (a MIDI keyboard plus synthesizer) in about half an hour and is the best this demo has to offer.

Ximac and angelss finished the graphics in the party place and she quit the demoscene after the projection of the demo.

Other Spontz activists like
Dios, Ed and Infinity stopped making demos also after this compo. The problem was that threepixels presented their best work of all time: M.D.M.A. in the same day and we though that competing with Mac (their coder) was impossible.
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