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Released in May 4th, 2002 at FiberParty (Barcelona, Spain)
Engine code
3D models


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Hepilektic is our first demo. Almost completely coded by kolian in his spare time, it served as a started point for merlucin to learn openGL. They met at work and were thinking in creating a demoscene production for some time, and then one day kolian came with some code and 3D rotating things and show them to merlucin.

The next party in Barcelona was the FiberParty and they started to work in a production just for fun. This was Hepilektic.

There were a lot of discussion in the party about the Quake 3D scene loader. Kolian told merlucin that the code was original (but not the level being shown in the prod) and therefore there it was. Unfortunately several people in the party didn't believe him which affected the final ranking.

There was no script in this demo. Everything is hardcoded, and therefore almost no code was reused in the next productions. Only the core, the code in charge of displating te scenes, was using once more in Spontz goes to Dixieland.

After presenting this demo, Kolian was only seen once in the BCN Party and then he stopping assisting this kind of events. Instead he were in the background helping merlucin to code for other productions.
Kolian Punkt as Sbrodj Particles cloud
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