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The pleasure of art
Released in April, 2005 at ifParty
3D models

Engine code

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There was a discussion some tiime ago about if the demoscene is or is not art. Of course there is not a radical responso, as the good question is "what is art?" :)

The dates for ifParty came and the organizers chose "art" as the theme for the event. We decided to go on with a small demo about this concept and here it is!

Madgoblin was in charge of designing a 3D bathroom and a toothbrush while merlucin designed the beginning of the demo and the music. xphere and kolian worked in the code adding new features to the demoengine. The production was assembled in the party place, and projected in the screen at night as usual.

We tried some FOV experiments and image matrix effects with more or less success, but apart of that there are not more technical advances in the demo. We got a problem with the texture borders of some textures, that appeared in black when using some 3D cards, and until now we have not an explanation of the causes, probably it was a drivers problem but, who knows?

After a major rework of the code, in other deos, we were able of fixing the problem and then the particle system came out, but this is a story that will be told in future demos.
The pleasure of art Does not depend On any interferences We make from established rules
Toothbrush floating Toothbrush floating (bottom camera) Toothbrush floating (Side camera) Toothbrush floating (Corner camera)
Credits Lens aperture Frame 1 Frame 2
Frame 3

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