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Particles of the death
Released in November 2007 at BCN Party 111
  Code + Script





We have been experimenting with different settings of the particle engine in order to test it and, in the meantime, repairing some memory leaks. Eventually, this demo appeared.

Khrome got a virus (I mean a real one) and couldn't write the music this time. Then AMB shown a theme to merlucin and he got really impressed, so they started to work in a demo prototype. The idea was making a demo with a single scene, evolving into different scenes, but it could be that way because the lack of time, mutating in what you have just downloaded.

We usually work at night, through skype and shitty VNC screen sharings. If you are wondering why this demo is so slow, there are two reasons: the music, of course, but also the VNC connection, that works better with still images! :)

Our last production for the BCN party was the first part of die anderung so we though it was time of releasing a new entry! The only problem was that this happened only one week before the deadline, and taking into account that we work everyday to get food and keep producing, we are quite happy with the final result!

What you have here is a modified version of the Cosmosis: Remix engine. Basically the news are that there are a lot of bug fixes here and there, the particle engine has been improved, and isaac2 has constructed new shaders.

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