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Cosmosis: Remixed
Released in July 23, 2007 at Euskal Party 15
  Code + Script




This demo is a remix of the original production "Cosmosis" created by Madgoblin in 2007, a very special demo never seen in the big screen because the party in which it was presented ended before the compo show... too bad!! :(

"Cosmosis :: Remixed" has been presented in Euskal Party XV (2007), Spain, after hours and hours of insane madness and constant headaches.

After almost one year without any release, we have worked hard in our engine and demo tools in order to break the bottlenecks we had in the past.

This time, we have greatly improved our particle engine, added glsl shaders support and implemented a realtime equation interpreter, the definitive toy of the insanes!

We recommend a machine with these specs if you want to enjoy the show processed in realtime:

• OS: MacOSX 10.4 or Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• CPU: Intel core 2 duo with 1,4 GHz's
• GFX: Card with PS2.0 support and 128Mb VRAM
• Sound: MP3 capable :)

Main Title Rays Explosion Fire First plane of the airhip in fire Building
Rays and lava The world, about to explode Credits Bubble close-up Airship detail Vortex in the space
Alien ships coming up Alien ships floating over the earth Alien ship firing a lighting Alien ship firing a lighting Alien ships firing The sun behind the earth

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