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Die Änderung 2
Released in July 2006 at Euskal Party 14
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3D Models

Engine core

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Hi! Merlucin writing! :)

Everything began with a demo we decided to present in bcn party at the end of 2004. Die Anderung represented a change in the group philosophy, moving to a more obscure way of rendering things on the screen. It was also the debut of pinza as member of Spontz (with the music). A lot of people participated in this prod. Trace as graphician, XiMac and MadGoblin, with the 3D design, kolian, xphere and me with the code, everyone moving in the same direction. That was one of the demos I personally remind with nostalgy.

This second part continues the dark line of the first one. AMB has joined the group, contributing with a great and polished soundtrack, MadGoblin created some of the nicest 3D models I have seen from him. The demo is built over the core that kolian developed for the original die anderung with Xphere's help. My own contribution was some new effects, including multibuffer support and 3D morphing mainly.

For this final version, there are lots of changes. Apart of the acceleration (more than 5 times faster in some parts, that the party version) we have new scenes (substituting the temporal ones) and a even more polished soundtrack (with extra bass boost). The most intense rework has been done at the beginning and at the end of the demo, but almost everything has been more or less retouched.

Die anderung 2 has become a representation of the hell of making a demo. Dark red scenes, high bpms, heavy sync and a continous flow of movement across, conforms the most advanced work we have done till the date. The demo represents again a change in the line we was following from the last die anderung: this demo can be everything but happy.

Spikes AMB Credit Burning the computer Final spontz logo Spherized face
Eye glow The math hell One of the gods of the demoscene A minor god Bones
merlucin's credit madgoblin's credit Mosaic at the beginning

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