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The demothing
Released in July 24th, 2004 at Euskalparty 12
Graphics, code
and scripts
Engine core
3D models


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Welcome home son! This is the final version of the DemoThing, the Spöntz's Euskal Encounter's 12 contribution.

There are some new scenes, plus retouches, additional sync, bug fixing and a better quality soundtrack (stereo and 192kBps) than the one shown in the partyplace.

As usual, we were too busy with our official works to complete this prod, so sorry for the delay.

Kolian was working really hard in the demoengine this time. He got more than a 50% of speed increment, plus a texture and models cache, new realtime effects, display lists support for faster 3D object displaying, plus the ability of rendering 3DS animations directly composed with 3D studio or exported from lightwave.

This demo is the second one released with the visuals editor, that has been powered with additional functions to avoid bottlenecks in the development of each new demo.

The creation Inside the glowing ball Space guitars A demothing, vibrating We found the turtle
The greetings The creation Deep inside the galaxy Habemus tema Small explosions
The creation The demo title The cold demothing The hot demothing Too much light
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You can remix this demo using the Spontz Visuals Editor 1.0 and the project sources, don't forget to send us the result!


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