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Don't deceive me
Released in July 2009 at Euskal Party XVII

Don't deceive me from Iván Fernández on Vimeo.

  Code + Script



3D models

Hi fellow scener! Finishing this demo has been a hell. Planned to be presented in the past euskal party (a year ago), and then in the breakpoint, it was finished in the partyplace, as usual :)

This demo was heavily influenced by conversations with Navis from ASD, when he was in Bilbao (I am talking about year 2008) and iq from RGBA. You can notice this in the transitions from one scene to the next one, fact that we have tried to smooth as much as possible.

The people that have seen the demo preview told me that the city scene used a rendering mode too similar to the one used by Navis in his last production "Rupture". In fact the shader used in the demo was available in the demo editor since our "death of the death" demo, presented in the breakpoint in 2008, and was awaiting for a massive destruction scene as the one contained in this prod.

This time, the particle engine was heavily improved, adding support for 3D objects as particles. The rendering pipeline has been also reworked, allowing to display more and more simultaneous polygons. There are also new effects and sections available in the demoeditor and two new types of cameras, allowing realtime modifications of pre-recorded paths.

I remember myself spending a lot of time imagining how to put all the scenes together. The ideas appeared randomly at different moments... for example, the mandalas in the middle came after watching a film in the cinema, the city scene appeared when watching E.T. again, and some other came just surfing the internet for inspiration.

Yes, I know that there are too many pics of me in the demo. It's not my fault, since the original idea was to show us inside creating different weird effects. I only could get a pic for isaac2 and other for xphere, and both of them are shown at the begining of the demo. Khrome and Amon never sent me a picture. Sooo i picked up the camera and filled the rest of the scenes with myself :)

don't deceive me with merlucin don't deceive me with xphere don't deceive me with isaac2

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